Subject Information

In response to demographic changes, including an ageing population, the growth in long term and chronic illnesses and the increased use of emergency healthcare, the sector has had to develop its services rapidly.

Our programmes are designed to enable progression to a very broad range of health and social care related fields, including nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work, mental health, disability, elderly care and support and a whole range of university courses.

Teaching staff are well qualified and experienced in health and social care professions and have a wealth of theoretical knowledge. They have all worked in a variety of health and social care settings as teachers, nursery managers, health visitors, specialist learning disability teachers, psychologists, foster carers, occupational therapists, social workers and nursery practitioners.

Health & Social Care holds a fundamental position in today's society and is undergoing rapid change, with new government initiatives giving it a higher profile than ever.

The focus in frontline health and social care means there is greater demand for well-trained and multi-skilled people across a range of rewarding employment opportunities. Our range of courses are relevant for all levels of health care professionals.

The knowledge you will gain from these courses is useful for your own personal development and for the care of others, and will help with your professional development at work.