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There are many teaching and training opportunities to choose from, to further your career in the UK and overseas.

Whether you want to qualify as a post-16 teacher, or a classroom or teaching assistant, there are courses to meet your needs. All of our courses are specific to the subject area and age group you want to teach and will give you the skills to move on in your career.

What our students say

Teaching & Training Student Jake Elson

Jake Elson

As a Learning Support Co-ordinator, I possess a good level of technical skills and support lecturers when teaching. I have decided that I would like to teach and therefore need to develop and understand teaching methods. The staff provide continual constructive feedback, helping me achieve higher grades. In particular I have found one-on-one sessions and mentoring very useful. The advice I have received is invaluable in preparation for my next steps.”

Jake completed the Education and Training Level 4 Certificate and hopes to progress on to the Education and Training Level 5 Diploma

Teaching & Training Student Tracy Clement

Tracy Clement

Working as an Associate Lecturer at College required me to have a teaching qualification, I therefore undertook this course to develop my knowledge and experience on a teaching level. I enrolled on this course for my career progression and wanted to learn in an environment that was close to home, offered small class sizes and where I could meet people of various ages. The staff have been incredibly supportive and have inspired me to go on to further my studies and pursue a Master’s in Education.”

Tracy completed the Education and Training Level 5 Diploma and is an Associate Lecturer at Bridgwater College.