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Our diverse range of programmes offers you the chance to explore a broad suite of creative arts including fine art, graphic design, video art, animation, photography and crafts.

We have an excellent reputation for supporting students applying to university and former students have progressed to degree courses at renowned colleges of art and design such as St. Martin’s, Camberwell, Falmouth and Kingston. We have a range of well-equipped studios for practical and digital work.

Creative Crafts

Develop and enjoy your creativity and benefit from our excellent facilities as well as support from our expert staff.

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What our students say

Art, Design & Media Student Michelle Scott

Michelle Scott

Photography has always been a passion of mine. Being able to capture a moment of someone’s life in a photograph without them knowing I am there is exciting and a great memory for me to treasure. I was finding it difficult photographing products and portraits; the one day course increased my knowledge and built my confidence in this area.”

Michelle completed the one day studio photography course, alongside her job as a retained fire-fighter and farmer; it has been a great help in setting up her own photography business.

Art, Design & Media Student Gilly Lee

Gilly Lee

Since starting the course I have learned to see the world through different eyes and to express myself creatively. I am loving every minute of it, and a passion for art and design will remain a part of my life forever.”

After a life-long career in teaching and counselling, Gilly embarked on the one-year Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media. She is considering progressing to a BA (Hons) at a local college or university.