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A career in fish husbandry or management is much more wide ranging and varied than just angling. Fish management encompasses fish breeding and production, river fisheries management, fish population, water quality fish biology fish behaviour and other related subjects.

Over 12,000 people are employed in this industry, many of them making a career out of their passion for fisheries. However, you will need well developed skills and knowledge in many different aspects of fish and fisheries to be able to succeed.

Study for a Diploma in Fishery Management or Diploma in Fish Husbandry and get the skills you need to join this exciting and rapidly growing industry. These courses take place at Bridgwater College's Cannington Centre for Land-based studies which has excellent specialist facilities, including an on-site fishery.

Over 4 million anglers take part in fishing activities. These Fish Management and Fish Husbandry courses are ideal for those seeking jobs in this growing sector. Using our excellent on-site facilities and the fantastic local fisheries, our courses offer you the best.