Subject Information

From short introductory courses to professional counselling qualifications, the College has developed an enviable reputation for teaching in this sector which employs around 1.6 million people in the UK.

Demand for counselling workers in many career areas is increasing, particularly those involving the care of children and older people. Employers include the National Health Service (NHS), local authorities, national government, charities and voluntary organisations, as well as private companies of all sizes.

What our students say

Counselling & Personal Development Student John Copley

John Copley

As soon I walked into Bridgwater College, I instantly felt welcomed by the staff and comfortable in the learning environment, something which I didn’t feel when studying elsewhere. Two years ago I could have only dreamed about gaining a professional qualification, but thanks to the support I received while on the course and my determination, I have achieved my goal and qualification.”

John is a Drug Counsellor from Weston and has completed the Higher Diploma in Counselling. He is now considering studying a Master’s in Psychotherapy.

Counselling & Personal Development Student Hannah Paton

Hannah Paton

Ever since I began the Counselling Concepts course I have wanted a career in Counselling. Although I needed to reduce my hours at work to concentrate on the course, I have seen an increase in my confidence, ability and knowledge, these skills are all essential when working with individuals who have drug and alcohol problems.”

Hannah Paton completed the Level 5 in Counselling Practice. Hannah’s goal is to be accredited with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.