Subject Information

It is our aim to deliver an exciting programme of courses which will prepare you for employment and enable you to progress in the industry.

Our fantastic Beauty Zone is the commercial clinic in which you will learn, practise and perfect your skills with paying clients. Combined with fantastic work experience opportunities, trips at home and abroad, and a programme of guest speakers and demonstrations, this subject will equip you with all the experience and contacts you need to progress in the industry.

Our commercial clinic provides you with the opportunity to learn within an educational setting at the same time as providing a professional service to members of the public, which will help you to perfect your skills on paying clients. Our professional therapists will work alongside you in our state-of-the-art beauty salon ensuring you receive an excellent insight into the beauty environment.

If you would like to book a treatment please call 01278 441310 or click here for the price list.

What our students say

Beauty & Complementary Therapies Student Rebecca Goodliff

Rebecca Goodliff

My favourite parts of College were the opportunities and trips that were on offer. I have been to Paris, London and Birmingham, and taken extra qualifications that the College offers, such as Air Brush Make-Up and Threading. I also took part in the annual fashion show, which gave me the opportunity to show off my skills and creativity, giving me the chance to really push myself.”

Former student of Ansford Academy, is hoping to go on to university to become a teacher on completion of her course.

Beauty & Complementary Therapies Student Amy Govier

Amy Govier

The lecturers on my course were very helpful and supportive. I have gained so many skills that will help me when I work in the industry, I have also gained a lot of confidence. When I have finished my course I hope to do some volunteer work for the British Red Cross doing camouflage make up. In the future I would love to start up my own business.”

Former pupil of Harlington Upper School in Bedfordshire, Amy hopes to go onto the Level 4 Management in Theatrical Special Effects & Media Make-up course on completion of her course.