Subject Information

Our diverse range of programmes offers you the chance to explore a broad suite of creative arts including fine art, graphic design, video art, animation, photography and crafts.

We have an excellent reputation for supporting students applying to university and former students have progressed to degree courses at renowned colleges of art & design such as St. Martin’s, Camberwell, Falmouth and Kingston. We have a range of well-equipped studios for practical and digital work.

There are a wide range of creative opportunities available at Bridgwater College. Our facilities are excellent including a film studio, infinity cove, dark room, graphics and textiles room and much more. They will allow you to learn a new skill or career within an exciting professional environment.

What our students say

Art & Design Student Sophy Young

Sophy Young

I’ve always been a creative type and now I get the opportunity to help young people to appreciate and enjoy art just as I did when I was at school. It’s really rewarding to spend five years with certain students; watching them grow and helping to guide them through a wide range of creative processes.”

Former pupil of Bridgwater College and Chilton Trinity in Bridgwater, Sophy is an Art Teacher at Haygrove School in Bridgwater.

Art & Design Student Matt Bucknall

Matt Bucknall

After completing my degree at St Martins I stayed in London and gained employment as a graphic designer. Since then I’ve worked for a range of companies including Black Dog Publishing and Jack Wills and have worked on projects for Nike and Glastonbury Festival. During that time I built a reputation and was able to become self employed as a result. It’s been hard work getting to where I am today but I love every minute of what I do.”

Former pupil of Bridgwater College and Chilton Trinity in Bridgwater, Matt is a self-employed Graphic Designer.