College welcomes local schools to a languages activity day

60 year 8 students from Bridgwater College Academy, Haygrove School, Chilton Trinity Technology College and Court Fields School in Wellington enjoyed a day at Bridgwater & Taunton College learning about the cultures and languages of five different countries around the world.

Students learnt to write their names in Greek, how to introduce themselves in Italian, read the Russian alphabet, played heads, shoulders, knees and toes in Portuguese and explored the Berber, Arabic and French culture of Morocco.  

Dressing up in traditional costumes and playing interactive games also featured during the day, and students found out about henna hand painting and Russian matrioshka dolls. 

College staff were ably assisted in running the sessions by students from the College’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, who shared their creative skills and spoke about their experiences on their recent trip to Morocco.

Feedback from the school students included, “I liked learning languages that I wouldn’t usually have learnt”, and, “I learnt that the world is more diverse than I imagined.”

Course Leader of Modern Foreign Languages, Irena Hubble-Brezowski, said,

“Many students said they would like more opportunities to meet up for joint language activities and we look forward to hosting and meeting them next year.”

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