Netball report: Team BC vs Truro & Penwith College

Team BC Netball took on Truro and Penwith College at Penwith Campus on Wednesday 30 September. When the team got onto court they were full of energy and had the will to win.

Penwith had the first centre pass but due to fantastic defence from Saskia Middleton (GK) and Rheanne Lee (GD) the team were winning from the start with continuous turnovers and pressure put onto Penwith’s shooters. The whole team put in a lot effort throughout the first quarter, which resulted in them being 11 – 5 ahead at quarter time.

The start of the second quarter saw Penwith enter the court determined to reduce the gap. Team BC worked well together with Chloe Trout (C) and Alisha Gardener (WD) supporting play down the court and Laura Gibson (WA) making brilliant passes into the shooting circle. The whole team encouraged each other, helping them achieve a secure lead over Penwith going into the third quarter with a lead of 21 – 10.

Usually the team has a dip in the third quarter but in this match everyone was making turnovers and chasing down lose balls. Aerin Phillips (GS) had great movement under the post. Aerin and Sammy Kemmish (GA) both worked really well together driving out for the ball, creating space for each other to help make a feed into the circle. Amy Knight (WA) worked hard on back lines to get interceptions as well as down the court. The whole team where determined throughout this quarter which resulted in them extending their lead to 33 – 16.

Going into the final quarter the team all worked extremely hard to get turnovers and take the ball down the court. Penwith also came back onto court determined to close the gap. Although the whole team dealt with this pressure and where able to keep on playing well throughout. Jessie Venning (WA) helped the team to take the ball down the court and fed the ball into the circle throughout this quarter and Rheanne Lee (GD) showed great determination and commitment to each interception. The whole team played extremely well throughout the game which showed in the end result of the team winning 41 – 25.

Players’ Player of the Match: Saskia Middleton
Coaches Player of the Match: Chloe Trout