New Student Enrichment Team launched

A new Student Enrichment Team (SET) has been launched, enabling students to take on key roles in planning, co-ordinating and delivering sport.

The team has been assembled to encourage semi- and non-sporty students to take part in some form of extra-curricular sport or physical activity each week. The SET is also responsible for promoting current classes, creating new opportunities for students and increasing and recording student participation. They will also forge new links with local sports clubs so that students can continue playing sports out of College hours and after they leave.

To ensure that the right students were chosen for these roles, each applicant had to complete a written application form and undergo an interview process. The successful candidates were those who showed enthusiasm, commitment and initiative. In order to prepare for their new roles, the team members will be required to attend a summer workshop focusing on leadership and planning, coaching and qualifications and ways to make sport more inclusive. The chosen team are:

  • Lewis Edwards — Head of Delivery at the Bridgwater Centre
  • Will Dickens — Head of Delivery at the Bridgwater Centre
  • Thomas Britton — Head of Delivery at the Cannington Centre
  • Dave Bugg — Sports Leader
  • Ella Barratt — Sports Leader
  • Courtney Steele — Sports Leader
  • Josh Gale — Sports Leader
  • Alex Dardani — Sports Leader

Being part of the SET allows students to gain coaching experience, develop management, organisation and inter-personal skills and get regular updates on coaching qualifications and job opportunities in a variety of sports. The College has strong links with the Somerset Activity and Sports Partnership (SASP) and there is also an intention to link up with the newly-launched Media Academy3 on tasks such as match reporting, promotion of enrichment classes and media coverage for the Somerset County Cricket Club, with which the College also has links.

The roles of activity co-ordinator and information officer are still available, as well as various Sports Leader positions. If you would like more information about becoming a SET volunteer or about the sports enrichments they offer, the team will be at the College’s Freshers’ Fair in September. Alternatively, you can contact the SET Manager and College Sports Maker, Carly Martin.

Carly Martin
Lewis Edwards
Will Dickens
Tom Britton
Dave Bugg
Ella Barratt
Courtney Steele
Josh Gale
Alex Dardani