Bridgwater College celebrate Apprenticeships

Bridgwater College held its annual Apprenticeship Awards Evening recently at the Canalside in Bridgwater to celebrate the achievements of apprentices across the College.

18 awards were presented during the evening, including the Reaching your Potential award that was given to Louise Tanner, Mervyn Gratton and Mark Prentice, who each demonstrated remarkable progress on an individual level and overcame marked adversity whilst undertaking their apprenticeship. Chloe Bown, Cole Mehrlich and Charlie Land became Apprentice Champions demonstrating extraordinary aptitude in their line of work and making a considerable contribution to their employer’s success.

Matthew Dyer receiving his reward from Marcus Ransom, EDF

The Bridgwater College Apprentice of the Year 2014 was awarded to Matthew Dyer. Matthew started at the College as a full time motor vehicle student who moved onto an apprenticeship with Volvo Wales and West Truck and Bus after having to rethink his career plans after a motorcycle accident. He was described by his employer as a dedicated and valued member of staff who has a great future ahead of him as a first class technician.

Matt Tudor, Area Head of Business Development at Bridgwater College said,

“The Apprenticeship Awards Evening is a real highlight of the year and it is wonderful to have the opportunity to celebrate the success of so many apprentices from across the College. We had a lot to celebrate this year with so many talented Apprentices and supportive employers. It is great to see them receive the recognition they deserve.”