The Walled Gardens of Cannington rehome hedgehogs

Bridgwater College’s Walled Gardens of Cannington were delighted to work in partnership with Secret World Wildlife Rescue to rehome a hedgehog that had been displaced after a garden clearance in the Cannington area.

The Walled Gardens of Cannington staff with Trudi from Secret World. Matt Handy, Senior Gardener, Claire Prangley, Gardener, Howard Baker, Apprentice Gardener

Hedgehogs are endangered in the UK, facing threats from many man-made issues including use of slug pellets and pesticides, loss of habitat, litter, ponds and open drains, bonfires, strimmers and an increase in traffic on the road. Without intervention and support hedgehogs are facing extinction, with potentially far-reaching consequences for the food chain.

Trudi Howell, Volunteer at Secret World said,

“I wanted to find a release site for this hedgehog, one that was close to where its territory had been and the Walled Gardens of Cannington was a stone’s throw away. It offered the perfect habitat with plenty of grubs, beetles and insects for them to eat, as well as cover for hibernation. I was very pleased to hear that there had been recent sightings of hedgehogs in the garden and I am hopeful that a successful colony has been established here.”

Trudi Howell from Secret World releasing the hedgehog at the Walled Gardens

Matt Handy, Senior Gardener at the Walled Gardens of Cannington said,

“When we were contacted by Trudi, we didn’t hesitate in welcoming a new addition to our hedgehog family. In the last couple of years we have massively reduced our use of pesticides, resulting in a more balanced eco-system in the garden. I will be putting out cat food and water for the next ten days to support our new resident in establishing in their new environment.”

Howard Baker, Apprentice Gardener, Level 2 Workbased Diploma student said,

“It is great to be involved in such important work. Trudi is passionate about securing the future of hedgehogs and it was inspiring to hear her talk about the work that Secret World does. She told us how how gardeners can support wildlife, and also benefit from the activities of hedgehogs, including the munching of the gardener’s arch enemy – the slug.”