Thriller! for Bridgwater College beauty student

A Level 2 Beauty Therapy student from Bridgwater College recently had a thriller of a make-up session after transforming her classmate into a werewolf like those in Michael Jackson’s music video.

Thriller! for Bridgwater College beauty student
Second place winner Kira Shapter.

The session formed part of the Level 2 Beauty students’ final competition based on how they interpreted their mood boards and their skills levels, and Tamara Baker, 17, from Bridgwater was awarded first place.

Second place went to Kira Shapter, 17, from Bridgwater who created a two-sided skeleton face and third place went to Daisi-Anna Pugsley, 18, from Highbridge, who produced a Black Swan look.

Tamara, formerly of Robert Blake Science College said,

“I got my idea from a Carnival theme I was involved in a few years ago. I wanted to show off my skills by dramatically changing a person’s look in a highly creative way. I would love to work in the West End, doing theatre make up for shows and performances.”