College embraces the world of poetry

Bridgwater College’s LRC has recently hosted a reading by performance poet and former student Megan Beech, and has also launched a College-wide poetry competition for students.

College embraces the world of poetry
Megan Beech performing her poetry.

Megan, who previously studied the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) at the College, returned to give a performance of her recently published collection of poems, ‘When I Grow Up I Want to be Mary Beard’. She also spoke to current students about her English Language and Literature studies at King’s College London, and her poetry.

Megan said,

“I found my personal tutor and my lecturers at Bridgwater College incredibly helpful and motivational in encouraging me towards success in my studies. I was surrounded by people willing to go the extra mile to ensure I achieved my full potential. As a poet my greatest achievement has been the recent publication of my book, which I have been able to share with audiences all over the country, from giving a lecture about feminism at the University of Warwick to performing at the Learning Resources Centre at Bridgwater College.”

The poetry competition saw a number of entries of a very high standard and were judged by College lecturers in English. The winner was named as IBDP student Ashley Browning, 18, from Street, with ‘Isis’, which can be seen below. English Lecturer Thommie Gillow, who is a performance poet and author, presented his prize of a £10 Amazon voucher and a signed copy of her book. Runner up was A Level student, Alex Erting-Haynes, 18, from Yeovil who also won a signed copy of Thommie’s book.

Martyn Aldridge, Programme Manager for the IBDP said,

“We are all really impressed with Ashley’s development as a poet, writer and all-round student during the two years that he has spent on the IBDP. He is clearly ready for the next step at university and we will be watching out for him in print in the future.”


Queen of the suburb sands
Looks out from her tower
Gazing out across the dunes
Where scarabs scuttle like Sisyphus
Rolling, the sun adorns the sky
Making golden the noon
She looks out – ever asking why

A daytime delta, scattered night
Zephyrs talking in their sleep
Of concrete tales of princes far
While he works the bed lay brisk
And her throne quivers under her
Waiting… Waiting for flames

Strong as stone she feels through papyrus
Under the moon she writes red
And with her hand feeds her Anubis
Who, with tooth and claw, steals away
To give the sun to the sky

And he, King of city columns, reads
Of his Isis
At home, waiting for her oasis
That trembles in the heat
Waiting… Waiting to yield the Nile
Challenging him to be
The god she needs.