Bridgwater College attends Skirting Science event

Bridgwater College’s Forensic Science department recently attended the Skirting Science event held at Taunton School.

Skirting Science is a one day STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative that aims to inspire the next generation of female scientists and dispel misconceptions about science and engineering careers. Year 8 and 9 girls were invited from local schools and participated in three interactive workshops delivered by science professionals. These workshops offered pupils an opportunity to find out more about different careers in the industry, and also engaged them in various practical tasks, including blood splatter analysis, footprint and fingerprint taking and analysis, and crime mapping. They were also able to see how they can utilise the skills they learn in school in practical, career-focused tasks.

Kirsty Stainsby, Programme Manager said,

“This was a very important event to encourage girls into science and engineering careers. The girls really thrived in this all-female environment for one day.”