Forensic Science students uncover crime scene

Forensic Science students recently visited the University of South Wales to take part in crime scene workshops and activities.

They learnt about blood splatter analysing, electron microscopes and toxicology and visited a ‘crime scene house’; they also attended a lecture on the different fields of forensic science and the specialist equipment used.

Leonora Osborne, 17, formerly of Crispin School said,

“The most impressive part of the day was definitely the crime house, which was full of models of murder victims in all sorts of situations. The amount of detail put into each room was incredible; of course, the murder weapons such as guns and knives etc. were fairly obvious, but if we looked beyond the obvious there were more subtly hidden clues around each crime scene.”

Kirsty Stainsby, Programme Manager for Forensic Science said,

“Trips like this are invaluable for my students to help them to make life changing choices regarding progression routes after College.”