Science taster day is shaken not stirred

Pupils from St. Joseph’s Primary School recently visited Bridgwater College for a James Bond themed science taster day.

To demonstrate that science is far more fascinating and wide-reaching than James Bond-style gizmos and gadgets, College lecturer Bod Mudd started the session with the question ‘What is science?’ Pupils’ answers ranged from ‘making potions’ to ‘Harry Potter’, but after exploring the question further, they finally decided that it was about discovering new things.

The group, from years five and six, went on to participate in a ‘traffic light experiment’, mixing two glucose solutions together to see how the colours constantly changed with each addition. They also learnt how to use Bunsen burners to turn a white zinc powder yellow with heat, seeing it return to white as it cooled.

College lecturer Bob said,

“These experiments actually manage to make James Bond look boring, by proving that the science behind what he does is far more interesting. The group were amazed by the experiments and tried to work out why the chemical reactions happened. They were all excited about using the Bunsen burners, even if it meant wearing all the required safety gear!”

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