Chilton Trinity student’s College work experience

A pupil from Chilton Trinity Technology College recently joined the Bridgwater College Marketing Team for a week’s work experience.

Jordan Rigby, 15 years old and from Bridgwater, worked alongside many members of the College’s Marketing Team to complete a number of tasks ranging from data collection to designing promotional material.

Part way through the week the team discovered that Jordan had a twin brother also doing work experience at the College! Ben, who gained his experience with the Business Development Team, was passing the office when Marketing apprentice, Josh Davies, looked up to see who he thought was Jordan passing the door. Noticing that Jordan was still sat at his desk, a confused Josh asked the team if they had seen the same thing. At that point Jordan confessed that he had an identical twin brother which prompted a lot of conversation for the rest of the week.

Chilton Trinity Technology College student’s work experience

Reflecting on his experience, Jordan said,

“I have really enjoyed my week. I‘ve learnt lots of new skills as well as getting a better understanding of how the College operates. The staff were really helpful and friendly and they made me lots of cups of tea!”

Jordan’s twin Ben, added,

“I found my week very educational and loved every minute of it. I have learnt about a number of College processes, including the GenEd system that assists the team in offering careers guidance. I also greeted visitors into the College and even attended a meeting. The staff were supportive and very welcoming.”

The twins were just two of many Chilton students to join the College for work experience last term. During the coming months teams across the College are expecting further visits from students from the various schools throughout the town.