Wessex Water train staff in new College Construction Training Centre

Staff from Wessex Water have been among those learning in the latest training facility to be revealed in the Bridgwater College portfolio, namely the new Construction Training Centre in Wylds Road, Bridgwater.

Wessex Water chooses new Bridgwater College centre for training

The Centre opened last year, and forms part of the College’s commitment to training the local workforce in the specialist construction skills that will be required in connection with a range of major projects in the area in the next few years. Wessex Water has worked closely with Bridgwater College for the last decade, and its latest training programme means staff are gaining the ability to diagnose and correct around 90% of problems in a single visit, rather than two or three. This results in less overtime and a shorter outstanding jobs list, allowing for more efficient working which ultimately benefits customers.

Keith Dispain, Maintenance and Planning Manager for Wessex Water said,

“I have been amazed at the quality and breadth of training on offer at Bridgwater College. Their industry standard facilities in the centre of the town are the best I’ve seen. As a company, we are reaping the benefits of a more highly skilled workforce and believe that our staff feel more motivated and valued as a result of the training they receive.”

Wessex Water chooses new Bridgwater College centre for training

The new centre provides instruction in the main trades of brickwork, carpentry, electrical installation, plumbing and plastering, as well as scaffolding and all forms of lifting operations. Construction Commercial Training Manager at Wylds Road Mike McDermott explains,

“With 4000 square metres of flexible training space, two gantry cranes and a series of purpose-built plumbing and electrical bays, the Centre is equipped to meet the training needs of local construction-based businesses. There is also a computer suite from which clients can access the online CSCS Health and Safety Test, and of course the Centre will be offering Client/Contractor National Safety Group (CCNSG) training as a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to work on the proposed nuclear new-build.”

The College’s commitment to construction training doesn’t stop there. By the end of the year it will also have a fully-operational civil engineering training facility out at Cannington, close to Hinkley C, where all forms of groundwork, concrete pouring, construction plant and lifting operations will be taught.