Bridgwater & Taunton College Employer Charter

Bridgwater & Taunton College welcomes the Government's Skills Agenda and is a key strategic partner of a number of National Skills Academies and Sector Skills Councils.

Employers have long been an important focus for our business. We believe that our national reputation for excellence, our expertise and outstanding facilities, together with the ability to respond to and embrace demand-led training, make us the natural choice for industry-focused training across the South West Region. We want to ensure you get the very best service for your employees and access to training of the highest quality.

This Charter sets out Bridgwater & Taunton College standards for working with Employers. It lets you know what you can expect from us and, in return, how you can support your employees to be successful.

Our mission

We will inspire the people of the communities we serve to achieve success by providing:

  • The best possible opportunities for learning and skills development
  • A creative and exciting partnership with our staff
  • A welcoming, safe and supportive environment

Our aims

To continue to develop College responsiveness to employers' needs, building on the existing partnerships with Sector Skills Councils and through National Skills Academies in order to provide high quality education and training that supports the needs of employers, raise skill levels and supports economic development.

Our commitment to you:

Information and enrolment

We will:

  • respond to an initial request for information within 3 working days in a positive, flexible and impartial manner and provide you with advice and guidance on possible training solutions
  • provide you with clear, accurate information about the training offer and, where appropriate, provide you with a Service Level Agreement setting out the details of the training offer
  • provide you with the support you need to guide you through government funding processes

Course delivery

We will:

  • assign a member of our Employer Engagement Team to oversee all aspects of our relationship with you
  • agree training objectives with your company
  • develop individual training plans for your employees
  • provide your employees with an appropriate course induction
  • provide both the employer and employee with clear information about the training and assessment process
  • provide access to appropriate resources and facilities to support training
  • provide both the employer and employee with feedback and progress reports throughout the course
  • carry out an impact assessment at the end of the training against the company objectives established in the Service Level Agreement
  • explore further training options with you in order to support company training needs and provide progression opportunities for employees


If you are considering employing an apprentice we will:

  • provide you with comprehensive information to inform your decision provide you with the support of a Training Officer to complete all paperwork
  • produce a Service Level Agreement giving you clear information about your responsibilities and those of the apprentice and the College
  • undertake regular scheduled visits to monitor progress, complete training reviews and establish training targets
  • provide you with regular progress reports


We ask you to:

  • let us know if there is any aspect of our service that doesn't meet your expectations
  • encourage your employee to complete the courses training evaluation
  • complete the annual employer satisfaction survey, this is available on-line or in paper form
  • keep us informed of any changes of circumstance that are relevant to our work with you
  • contact us if you are concerned about the progress of your employee
  • encourage your employee to meet the expectations set by the college

Course information

Information about our courses are available here on our website or in our prospectus. The telephone number for enquiries is: 01278 441234.

As our priority is to respond to your individual need, not all training options are listed in the prospectus. The assigned member of the College employer engagement Team can discuss your training needs in detail, carry-out a training needs analysis and provide you with a tailor-made package where appropriate. In the unlikely event that we cannot meet your needs we will refer you to another training provider.


The cost for most of our courses is published in the College prospectus and fees can be invoiced directly to you as an employer. For courses that are tailor-made for you, the cost will be based on a number of variables including the number of trainees, mode of delivery and nature of the training. All fees will be identified in the Service Level agreement and agreed in advance with you.


If you are unhappy with any aspect of our service, please let us know as quickly as possible so we can address the issues. This can be done via the trainer/tutor or via the member of the Employer engagement Team responsible for your training.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome you can make a formal complaint through the College Complaints Procedure.

You can obtain a copy of the Complaints Procedure by contacting Bridgwater & Taunton College Student Support on 01278 441233.

Annual Report

For a copy of the College's latest Annual Report, email or call 01278 441349.