Weather Warnings

Live Updates

  • 20.03.2018, 8.30am - The College is open today. We appreciate there may still be some disruption to bus routes in our more rural areas. If you are affected by this disruption, please try and find another route in, if you are unable to, please study at home. Again, roads and pathways may still be icy, please take extra care.
  • 19.03.2018, 7am - The College is open today. The forecast is set to improve. Please make your way to College if it is safe to do so. We appreciate there may be some disruption to done bus routes in our more rural areas. If you are affected by this disruption and unable to travel please study at home. Inevitably, some roads and pathways will be icy, please take extra care.

The College will only close if it is absolutely necessary to do so. Such a situation could arise, for example:

  • If insufficient numbers of staff being able to make their way to College, making it difficult for us to provide adequate staffing.
  • If the forecast indicates a serious deterioration in weather conditions during the day.
  • If the transport companies make the decision not to operate their coaches.
  • If conditions on the College site are too hazardous for staff and students.

The decision to close the College would be taken by the Principal or one of the Senior Management Team.

If we were to close the College before the start of the day, we would contact students in the following ways:

  1. A message will appear on the College’s website, we would update the website with information, as far as possible, during the day.
  2. Messages will appear on the following Social Media accounts:

3. Broadcasts by the following Radio Stations:

  • BBC Somerset - 95.5FM and 1566MHz
  • Heart FM - 102.6FM, 97.1 FM (Yeovil area), 96.5 (Taunton area)

If a change in the weather requires the College to close after the start of the College day, we will follow the procedure above and consult with our transport companies. For more information please see live updates above.