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Construction Live has been created to meet the growing industry need for universities to offer real construction team building experiences and activities.

Our construction experiences are popular with Civil Engineering and Built Environment departments looking to offer their undergraduates a real hands-on construction project. With each event being tailored to meet specific outcomes, these events are fast becoming part of the curriculum, often with an element of assessment.

With the emphasis on “fun with a purpose” Construction Live events develop a real team ethic and assist in building the cohort factor many universities are looking for.

All Construction Live events are tailored to deliver the practical wisdom and specific outcomes required by our customers.

Construction Live has three distinct programmes to suit all budgets:

  • The Construction Taster - one day introduction to Construction
  • The Construction Project -  three - five day Construction Management event
  • The Construction Discovery - five day Construction Team Discovery

Uniquely, universities are encouraged to tailor the experiences to meet any particular learning outcomes or assessment criteria. Whilst the experiences are fully contextualised in a construction site setting, we are often asked to encompass other more recreational activities such as high ropes, climbing and canoeing.

The Construction Taster is an opportunity for students to experience, often for the first time, what working on a construction site is really like, in a highly realistic but safe environment. The one day session offers a choice of engaging hands-on activities in site occupations such as Plant Operations, Steel Fixing, Excavation Support and Water Utilities. This session is particularly popular where there is a need to create a memorable event for a cohort of new undergraduates and is often deployed during Freshers’ Week for Civil Engineering, Construction Management and Built Environment undergraduates. It is equally applicable at times where the curriculum changes towards the more practical elements of construction.

Each day is fully catered and accommodation can be provided to extend the experience. All you have to do is hire the bus, which is of course something we can do for you as well!

The Construction Project is an extended programme which offers the experience of managing and delivering a range of construction projects such as building roads, bridges, trenches and structures. 

This is a truly memorable event which can be delivered over three to five days and is ideal for undergraduates enrolled on a Construction Management or Civil Engineering related programme.  

Already proving popular with many universities, the programme offers a blend of project management, team leading and practical hands-on experiences combined with site visits to local construction projects such as Hinkley Point C.  

Many universities are offering this as either an integrated, assessed module as part of their Degree / Masters programme or as an optional field trip.

Students will:

  • Project manage and overcome construction challenges
  • Access a real experience of working on a construction site
  • Build a bridge
  • Construct a road
  • Drive and operate a range of plant
  • Use a range of hand and power tools
  • Manage and adhere to site health and safety
  • Visit key construction sites (e.g. Hinkley Point C, Nuclear New Build)
  • Network with potential employers
  • Attend lectures from visiting industry speakers.

The Construction Discovery programme is most usually offered, but not exclusively, to third year undergraduates with the primary focus of developing effective teams that are engaged and aligned towards delivering outstanding results time and time again. 

It is similar to the Project Programme but focuses on the leadership, communication and problem solving aspects of the group. 

Prior to the event we will assess your candidates to ascertain a baseline of their current understanding. With this information we will be able to ensure that we are delivering the content at the right level and have a reference point to compare to when we re-assess your candidates at the end of the programme to measure ‘distance travelled’ and ‘value added’.

Having completed Construction Discovery we would always expect at least the following student outputs, with any additional outcomes as specified by you:

  • Knowledge of their preferred leadership style and what this means for their team
  • Increased awareness of alternative leadership styles available to them
  • Better understanding of the application of a range of leadership styles
  • Understand a range of methods to reduce the impact of a new team member or process to production levels
  • Greater awareness of the target setting process and how to use it to increase productivity
  • A better understanding of how to put people to work
  • Greater confidence in leading their team
  • Higher levels of motivation
  • Greater awareness of emotional intelligence
  • Better cohesion across the team
  • More proactive in the management and leadership of their staff
  • Candidates will be better equipped to reflect on their handling of a given situation and be able to make recommendations for improvement.

We understand that accommodation is an important factor when choosing a field trip and we try to ensure that the accommodation we provide is of the highest standard for you to be able to relax in a safe, secure and enjoyable environment.

The on-site accommodation comprises 116 rooms, the majority of which are single but we do also have a limited amount of shared accommodation available. Rooms are situated across our Cannington Centre, and our accommodation partner Hill House is only a short ride from the Centre and is able to support groups in excess of 60. 

Our Location
Construction Live is delivered at the Construction Skills and Innovation Centre in Cannington, Somerset (close to Hinkley Point C) which was built in partnership with EDF Energy. This unique facility features the Construction Arena, a purpose-built realistic working environment, consisting of a sloping site, surrounded by landscaped banks with a series of platforms and a central access track.

The facility replicates a real-life construction site, with industry-standard plant, machinery and equipment, and enables construction site behaviours and standards to be taught alongside specific technical knowledge and skills.

Why choose Construction Live?

  • Tailored environment to meet your needs
  • Pre-event planning: we work with you to meet your curriculum requirements
  • Team of experienced civil engineers on-hand
  • Repeatable year on year
  • Provides hands-on experience of plant and tools
  • A true experience of running real-life construction projects
  • Site visits to major construction projects (Hinkley Point C)
  • Guaranteed availability of facilities
  • Easy advanced booking process
  • Easy access to facilities.

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