Study a part-time University Course

There are many reasons why you may be thinking about studying part-time! You might work part or full-time; you may have a family or other responsibilities; or you may prefer to study at a slower pace than full-time study demands. You might also find part-time study to be the most affordable way for you to access higher education.

We offer many part-time courses here at Bridgwater College and below are some reasons why this type of study could be right for you.

Combine studies with work or family commitments

Many courses are offered during the daytime, evening or both, so you can plan your study around your life and commitments.

Continue working to help finance your qualification

The ability to study your chosen course, whilst still continuing in employment, enables you to fund your studies and also progress your career at the same time.

Meet new people

You’ll be meeting fellow, like-minded, students who have chosen to study part-time for reasons like your own. Due to the small class sizes, you’ll get to know them really well and support each other throughout the course.

Increases your chances in the job market

More and more employers are requiring new applicants to have obtained a higher education qualification to be successful in gaining employment or promotion. If you choose to study a part time course, you will be able to remain in your current role, whilst studying to gain a better one.

Develop as a person

You will learn to adapt to a new way of studying and in turn, a new way of life. You’ll learn to work to deadlines and prioritise workload, as well as gaining an in-depth knowledge of the subject you’re studying.

Gain improved self-confidence

Studying at this level will make you realise that you can do it and it can also encourage you to try other new things as a result.

Key Facts

Key facts you should know about the results of part-time study:

  • 28% of students received a promotion
  • 70% of students said their self-confidence increased
  • 55% said their happiness levels increased
  • 29% received a pay increase
  • 81% said their personal development increased
  • 50% said that have taken on more responsibility