Course Information

Where is the course delivered?

  • Bridgwater Centre

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for anyone wanting to gain more knowledge and understanding of twentieth century music and composition. You will need to have a strong interest in writing and studying twentieth century music.

What does the course involve?

You will initially study different methods of generating pitch and rhythm material, as well as techniques for structuring pieces eventually leading to five compositional projects. 

  • Melodic writing: a piece for an unaccompanied melodic instrument
  • Counterpoint: a piece for two instruments, using counterpoint
  • Melody and accompaniment: a song using an existing piece of poetry as a text, for voice and piano
  • Rhythm and timbre: a piece for percussion
  • Changeable texture: a piece for string quartet

During this program of study as new instruments are introduced, you will be taught the correct technique to write for those instruments. You will also listen to and study existing pieces using the same instrumentation as the five compositional projects. Individual tutorials, relating to the five compositional projects will also take place during the course of study.

What makes this course special?

The information provided on the course takes inspiration from numerous influential music composition textbooks alongside the experience of staff that have a postgraduate compositional education.

Entry Requirements

An intermediate knowledge of music theory (grade 3 and above) is required for this programme. If you do not have a qualification in music theory you will be required to undertake an initial theory assessment before enrolment.

What are the assessment methods?

All work on the course is not assessed

How long is the course?

The course will last for 12 weeks

What are the College attendance requirements?

The course will take place in the evening.

Are there any additional costs for the course?


Further Information