Course Information

Where is the course delivered?

  • Taunton Campus
  • Cannington Campus

Who is the course for?

This course is suitable for beginners and those with some experience of Yoga.

 “I really look forward to the class and think I am more confident in yoga. Not only was the class educational but a lot of un and I felt very much at ease.”

What does the course involve?

You will learn and practise various stretching and energising yoga movements in a natural, graceful style that combines both strength and lightness.  The meaning of yoga and each movement will be explained.   You will learn practices to be able to more readily access a sense of calmness and clarity in your everyday life, as well as gaining strength and flexibility in your body.

What makes this course special?

Yoga helps to improve posture, energy levels and helps you feel both calmer and more alert.  Week by week you will gain in confidence in your practice as you repeat movements, understand more of the principles and learn new exercises.

Entry Requirements

Learners are required to come in loose comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. 

What are the assessment methods?

The tutor will provide continuous feedback to help you learn and master each movement. 

What are the College attendance requirements?

One evening a week.

Are there any additional costs for the course?

Yoga mat if you do not have one

What are the progression options?

We offer termly yoga courses that evolve, extending the range of movements and complexity term on term.

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