Course Information

Where is the course delivered?

  • Bridgwater Centre

Who is the course for?

For those completely new to computing or those with limited skills.  Learn how to get started using a computer.  It is designed to give you as much opportunity as possible to ask any of the questions you have always wanted to ask.  We can demystify the world of computing for you and get you started confidently using computers.

What does the course involve?

  • Terminology – we can explain the jargon in plain English for you
  • Equipment – learn what all the keys on the keyboard do, and how to effectively use the mouse and other related devices
  • Software - you’ll explore Windows and the Desktop manipulating their presentation to work more effectively and confidently using Microsoft Office software
  • Applications – learn to use basic Word Processing, type a variety of documents, save, retrieve, edit and print them
  • The Internet and the World Wide Web – find out what all the fuss is about, the world really is at your fingertips!
  • Email – how to send and receive mail, manage messages and get communicating!

What makes this course special?

  • Opportunity to get used to using a computer in a relaxed, friendly and un-pressurised environment at the main College campus
  • Latest software, modern computers, comfortable premises
  • Welcoming staff experienced with students new to computing
  • Tutor led sessions where the class works together
  • Students tell us how great the course is, that the staff are excellent, and how much they enjoy their time with us
  • It’s a fun and social experience with like-minded individuals – come and join us!

Entry Requirements

No entry requirements – you do not need to have used a computer before.

What are the assessment methods?

  • You will gain practical experience of using the various software packages
  • Functional Skills entry 1 qualification – you’ll be well prepared to complete this assessment.

How long is the course?

10 weeks.

What are the College attendance requirements?

Two hours per week in College.

Are there any additional costs for the course?

Resits may require an examination fee.

What are the progression options?

Many leaners have built so much confidence that they progress to the next course – Beginners Computing or Introduction to Microsoft Office courses.


Most learners complete the course to learn a range of skills which can be used at home or in the workplace, often so that they can use it to support activities socially or at home such as communication with friends and family, producing letters, charts and graphs or other such products.  Some learners use the course to develop skills that assist them in their search for employment or to study a higher level course at the College.

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