Course Information

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for anyone with a Digital SLR camera who has yet to make good use of the full range of settings on the camera to take better pictures. If you are stuck on AUTO this course is for you! 

What does the course involve?

The course will help you explore your Digital SLR camera’s true potential. You will learn how to take better photographs and how to download and store the resulting images. The basics of manipulating photographs using techniques such as colour correction, sizing and cropping could also be explored if this is of interest to the group. 

What makes this course special?

The course is very hands-on and practical and you will spend the majority of each session exploring a setting (or number of settings) using an interesting array of props both indoors and out.  Learners typically work in very small groups on activities and provide informal feedback and encouragement.  We have included the cost of a new large memory stick for use on the course.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements excepting an enthusiasm to get to know your camera better and a determination to come off AUTO.  Learners will need to bring their manual and digital SLR with them each week. 

How long is the course?

The course is four weeks long

What are the College attendance requirements?

Each session is 2 hours long

Are there any additional costs for the course?

There are no additional costs to the course but you will need a Digital SLR camera and it’s manual.

What are the progression options?

There are a range of evening Photography Courses run between both the Bridgwater and Taunton College campuses.

Further Information