Course Information

Where is the course delivered?

  • Cannington Centre

Who is the course for?

This course is the minimum requirement for unescorted worker access to a nuclear licensed site under construction.  It is recommended for anyone who is working with the nuclear sector, either recently employed on a nuclear site or employed with a supplier or linked organisation requiring unescorted access to a nuclear site.  It is also suitable for those who are intending to take up work connected with the construction of a nuclear power station.

What does the course involve?

The three modules of the Triple Bar are shown below:

Basic Common Induction Standard (BCIS)

This module describes the special legislation, emergency and security arrangements associated with carrying out work on a Nuclear Licensed Site.  It provided awareness of:

  1. What makes nuclear power different from other forms of electricity generation?
  2. The legislation that applies to licenced nuclear sites in the UK
  3. The emergency and security arrangements that exist on a nuclear licensed site

Basic Nuclear Industry Context (BNIC)

This module introduced nuclear industry context for the work they will be undertaking on a new nuclear construction site. It provides knowledge of:

  1. The reasons for choosing new nuclear power generation in the UK
  2. The key events in the history of nuclear power and the lessons learned for future safe operation
  3. How the behaviour of construction works may impact nuclear safety for many years to come

Basic Nuclear Industry Behaviours (BNIB)

This introduces the standards of behaviour required to support safe working practices on a licensed nuclear site.  It provides an understanding of:

  1. The key elements of a strong safety culture
  2. The importance of event and near-miss reporting and the application of learning from experience
  3. The importance of safe behaviours and safety culture
  4. The techniques that can be used for the prevention or error

What are the assessment methods?

This course is tutor led on the modules and then you will sit the exam.

How long is the course?

Up to 5 hours.

If you are an employer looking to train a number of employees, we can tailor courses to suit your requirements. Please contact our Business Development team to discuss:, or call 01278 655111.

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