Course Information

Where is the course delivered?

  • Bridgwater campus

Who is the course for?

Spanish is now the second in the league of languages, after Chinese. It is spoken by around 417 million native speakers in 21 countries. Students can look forward to a course which combines a really useful, practical skill with the opportunity to delve deeper into the cultures of not only Spain but other Spanish speaking countries across Latin America. 

What does the course involve?

From the beginning learners will have the opportunity to use the Spanish they learned at GCSE level. We always start by going right back to basics so learners have the chance to build their knowledge of the language on a really firm foundation.

Learners will be encouraged to practice their language skills in the following ways:

  • Use computers in the Language Centre to watch live satellite TV
  • Practise grammar, writing, reading, translating and listening skills using the recommended web-sites on the computers
  • Give presentations and debate with other students in class
  • Use the language centre for independent study
  • Read ‘punto y coma’ and other Spanish magazines
  • Watch Spanish films which are readily available in the Library
  • Take part in a trip to Spain, practise Spanish and get to know more about the culture

What makes this course special?

  • Development of many new skills
  • Encouragement of an open minded approach to other cultures
  • Opportunity to travel to Spain
  • Opportunity to visit Bath University and experience a typical day for a language student at university
  • Translation workshops hosted by Exeter University 

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum of five GCSEs A* to C or 9 to 5 is recommended for A Level study, including Maths, English
  • Spanish at grade B or 5 or above

What are the assessment methods?

Listening, reading, writing and speaking examinations sat at the end of the second year.

  1. Speaking = 16-18mins - 30%
  • Presentation of Project (2mins) & Discussion (9-10mins)
  • Task card on one of topics (5mins prep and 5-6mins discussion)

2. Listening, Reading and Translation paper =  2h30 - 50%


3. Writing = 2h - 20% (approx 300 words for each)

  • Two essays – one on literary text and one on film

How long is the course?

Two years.

What are the College attendance requirements?

This is a full-time course. Learners will have six hours contact time with their teacher in the first year, followed by five in the second. Apart from this they will be expected to spend an amount of time on independent study completing set tasks and learning about the language and culture that they study.

What are the progression options?

The large majority of our students go on to Higher Education, many study just Spanish or combine the language with another subject as a joint honours degree. Students might even decide to travel, work and live in Spain or Latin America to use their language skills. 

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