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Where is the course delivered?

  • Bridgwater Centre

Who is the course for?

A-level Mathematics is a highly academic course designed for students who have a real love of maths. It is one of the few A-levels that is regarded highly among all employers and university courses. There are many topics within A Level maths, ranging from pure topics to Mechanics and Statistics and hence is good grounding for careers such as statistician, analyst, engineer, scientist, accountant, actuarist, computer programmer to name but a few.

What does the course involve?

During your first year you will study pure maths topics which build upon your GCSE knowledge and provides the building blocks for all the other modules and branches of mathematics. Pure Maths topics include trigonometry, algebra, sequences, coordinate geometry and new ideas such as logarithms and calculus. You will also study some of the applications of maths. In mechanics you will look at topics such as kinematics, forces and Newton’s laws. While in statistics you will learn about statistical distributions and hypothesis testing.

During your second year you will continue studying pure maths topics which build upon the first year, covering higher level trigonometry and calculus. You will also continue to extend your understanding of the applications of maths within the fields of mechanics and statistics.

What makes this course special?

  • Highly qualified and enthusiastic teachers
  • Maths workshop: students can use for extra support during the year
  • Newly refurbished maths teaching rooms equipped with excellent IT facilities, textbooks and software
  • The problem solving skills acquired during your time on the course are highly valued among employers and universities, whatever path you choose to take

Entry Requirements

Minimum of 5 x GCSEs A* – C or 9 - 5 is recommended for A level study, including Maths and English.

Minimum of a 6 in GCSE Maths.

What are the assessment methods?


How long is the course?

Two years.

What are the College attendance requirements?

You will receive 6 hours of tuition per week in year 1, and 5 hours per week in year 2.  Students are also expected to complete a significant amount of self-study.

Are there any additional costs for the course?

A graphical calculator is advised for all maths students.  We use Casio models which staff are competent at using. These can be bought on the college online shop when you start the course.

What are the progression options?

A Level Mathematics is highly valued by employers in a wide range of industries as evidence of your ability to solve problems and learn new skills. Many of our students go on to study courses with a high mathematical content at University, such as engineering, finance, mathematics, computing and so on. Some students choose to apply for apprenticeships.

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