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Who is the course for?

This course is designed for students who have previous knowledge and experience in dance. The course will develop dance and performance skills, and physical fitness is essential.

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What will I study on the course?

The course focuses on three main aspects of dance:


Your own performance and technical dance skills will be improved through weekly technique classes in contemporary dance, and through the practical study of specific dance works. The study of anatomy and physiology in specific relation to dance will ensure a strong grounding in safe working practices and development of your own physical ability, strength, fitness and health.


A study of the ‘tools’ of choreography in order to create original and inspiring dance pieces. You will have the opportunity to create solo and group pieces using a range of interesting stimuli.


Gaining a wider knowledge of the historical and cultural influences of dance, both past and present, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of the work of key choreographers and innovators in dance. You will be encouraged to see as many live dance performances as possible, through trips, residentials and visiting professional companies and to research, evaluate and review performances in order to develop an educated, critical eye.

AS and A Level Dance encompasses all areas of dance both practical and theoretical. Success at this level enables movement onto dance or performing arts related courses. A level Dance can also be used as a standard subject, therefore, helping students to gain entrance onto a multitude of higher education courses.

What is special about studying at Bridgwater College?

  • Highly qualified and experienced Programme Manager
  • Bridgwater College has excellent facilities for dance, a superb purpose built dance studio with a fully sprung floor and two mirrored walls
  • The provision of weekly classes in contemporary dance enables a strong grounding in the physical practice of dance

There are opportunities to work and participate in classes and workshops with professional companies, view performances and visit centres of excellence for dance.

You will be encouraged to participate in as many and varied dance classes you can afford out of College. From a dancer's point of view the more classes you can participate in, the fitter and more able a dancer you will become. You will also be encouraged to see as much live or recorded dance as possible to develop an educated critical eye.

What other skills will I acquire?

You will develop skills in understanding dance in context with other art forms providing a comprehensive study of the arts. You will also develop skills in essay writing which is an essential part of the course.

What will I need for the course?

Five GCSEs at grade C or above including GCSE English at grade C or above. Previous experience in dance and good physical fitness are essential. You will also need a dance uniform of black tights and leotard.

What do our students say?

“I really enjoyed the course, gaining lots of experience and opportunities to work with professional dance companies.”

“The Rambert workshop and performance experience is brilliant!”

How will I be assessed?

AS and A Level dance is assessed by external examiners visiting the College to see practical work and by the written exams at the end of the course.

You will be assessed on dance technique and performance skills. You will also be expected to be able to analyse and interpret dance through an essay format.

You will be expected to choreograph solo, and group dances throughout the two years. Some pieces may have a prescribed title or theme to use, at other times the subject matter may be open but the style, content or form may be set. Alongside this, you will be continually assessed during technique classes learning a number of internally set technical studies. Practical work may be videoed and discussed later with the relevant students. Visual feedback is extremely important. Essays will feature as homework and will include topics such as choreographic principles, historical influences and cultural influences in dance.

Can this course lead to University entrance?

Along with other A Levels, A Level Dance can enable access onto university level courses. In addition, it will enable dance students to gain entry onto specialist dance and performance courses at diploma and degree level.

Can this course lead directly to a job?

Solo choreographic and technical studies prepared as part of the course may be used as audition pieces in order to find work within the performing arts industry.

What can I do in addition to this course?

Some suggested combinations include:

  • A Level Drama
  • A Level Human Biology
  • BTEC National Diploma in Dance

In addition, there will be opportunities for you to widen your interests, develop new skills and, in some cases, gain additional qualifications. Current extra-curricular activities include Dance Academy, Music Academy, Holiday French, Spanish or German; Duke of Edinburgh Awards; Choir; Additional GCSEs; Build Your Own Computer; Photography etc.

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