Taster Days

Tasters are an exciting way to learn about the course or career you are considering for your future and are designed to provide you with a better idea of what College life is really like.

Our taster days begin at 9.30am and finish at 12.30pm/2pm. You will spend the day getting familiar with the subject of your choice, meeting staff and students, viewing our facilities, asking questions and experiencing the atmosphere here at Bridgwater College as if you were one of our students!

Lots of pupils come along with their school; however we also invite you to attend as an individual or as part of a small group. If you do, all that we ask is for you to ensure that both your parents/carers and school give you permission to attend.

To attend a Taster day you must register and tell us what subjects you would like to try. You can find out about the subjects available below.

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What to bring with you

Some courses require you to wear or bring certain items. It is important that you do so. If you do not bring the correct clothing you may not be able to take part in your chosen taster. The notes below relate to the letters marked on the course descriptions.

A You will need old clothes/overalls, sturdy shoes/Wellington boots and appropriate outdoor clothing (waterproofs).

B Participants must wear old clothes and sturdy shoes/boots. Trainers will not be suitable.

C You will need to wear flat, closed toe shoes to comply with health and safety regulations.

D Please bring your own instrument (or voice!) with you (College will supply drums, keyboards, microphones and amps).

E Wear clothing that allows you to move freely i.e. leggings/tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt.

F Participants must bring sports kit with them, including trainers.

* This activity is based at our Cannington Centre.

For more information call Schools Marketing on 01278 441216 or email marketing@bridgwater.ac.uk


A Levels

We have over 35 A Levels available and you can experience some of them on our A Level taster. You will participate in four sessions during your morning with us. You will need to specify your choices when you register.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

Come and experience a stimulating and exciting qualification which enables you to study six different subjects, along with a challenging core of activity which prepares you for university or employment either in the UK or overseas.

Agriculture (a*)

There is so much more to agriculture than early mornings! Many agricultural systems and practices are at the cutting edge of technology, using computers and GPS systems to record animal data and drive tractors. See how technology takes away the hard physical work of this exciting industry.

Animal Care (a*)

Are you are interested in a career working with animals? Why not visit our Animal Management Centre? You will have the opportunity to work in an area of our extensive animal collection, improve your handling skills and learn more about the career opportunities available.

Arboriculture (a*)

Do you love the outdoors? Have you thought about working with trees? Find out more about this exciting subject by learning how to climb trees using ropes and harnesses whilst developing your chainsaw skills. Learn how you can have a positive impact on the countryside and the environment.

Art & Design

This taster will give you an opportunity to look at the range of creative opportunities available throughout the Art & Design industry. Experience an activity with us; it could be drawing, printmaking, photography, graphics or textiles.

Automotive (b)

The Automotive taster experience offers you fun and interesting activities to keep you engaged throughout the day. You will have the opportunity to work with race cars, trucks, modern vehicle technology and even try your hand at paint spraying. This could be your road to a career working with tanks, trains, planes, formula 1 cars, drift cars and much more! Sign up today for an exciting automotive experience.

Barbering (c)

If you are interested in learning the art of a professional barber, give this hands on taster a try. By blending traditional skills with a modern approach, try your hand at head art and tram lines as well as beard cutting and styling using some of the coolest products in today’s barbering world.

Beauty Therapy (c)

Explore and experience the practical and theoretical aspects of beauty relating to the industry. Work alongside our professional therapists and gain hands-on experience in our industry standard salon environment.


Participate in a range of activities that are both fun and challenging. You will have an insight into the world of business and the endless opportunities available to you in a global market.

Catering (February Taster Only)

Enjoy a day working in our professional kitchen, learn basic culinary and cooking skills and find out what it is like to work in the catering industry. This taster is for students who have an interest in working in the catering industry, and have GCSE grades predicted to be grade D and below.

Civil Engineering (a*)

Think big! Civil engineers and related construction operations get involved in some of the biggest infrastructure projects in the UK – Think about the London 2012 Olympics or the Nuclear New Build at Hinkley Point C in Somerset. Our Construction Live taster day will give you a unique opportunity to operate an excavator (even if you don’t have your driving licence yet!), fix steel ready for concrete to be poured and try your hand at installing a water mains or managing a construction project.

Construction: Brickwork (b)

If you enjoy hands-on tasks and like working outside, then being a bricklayer may be for you. Come and work alongside our Apprentices and experienced staff and learn how to build a small brick peer in our state-of-the-art workshop.

Construction: Carpentry & Joinery (b)

Do you like working with wood and working outside? Then carpentry may be for you. Learn skills including how to mark out, saw, chisel and make a basic timber joint.

Construction: Furniture Making (b)

Are you interested in fine wood working and design? If so, this taster is for you. Learn practical woodworking skills in our industry standard workshop using quality materials to give you a kick-start in this exciting industry.

Construction: Electrical

Are you interested in working with the latest energy saving equipment or do you just like making electrical items work? You could be a budding electrician. Learn how to connect a plug and socket and get a taste for the industry in our electrical workshop.

Construction: Plumbing (b)

Plumbing is different every day; no two jobs are ever the same. One day you could be repairing water pipes and the next installing eco-friendly systems. Join us for an introduction into the industry and learn how to solder and bend a copper tube.

Computing & I.T.

Would you like to be part of this dynamic industry? Use our excellent computer resources and learn about a variety of computer applications, giving you a chance to discover the know-how behind the technology.

Countryside & Wildlife Management (a*)

Would you like a career where the great outdoors is your office? Why not become a park ranger for a day? Take part in an interesting practical morning, including woodland management and wildlife surveying, to give you a flavour of this rewarding industry.

Dance (e)

This course is perfect for those that are looking for a career in Dance. Experience a variety of styles including contemporary, jazz and ballet and learn all about the professional industry and ways to get on the stage! Bring loose fitting clothing with you that you can dance in.

Digital Media Design

Interested in designing games? Want to know how to get a career in web design and production? Come and experience a taster in design for digital products and get a feel for the sort of things we offer in this exciting new area.


Would you like to work in one of the UK’s most important industries? Join us and learn about Computer Aided Design and Manufacture (CAD/CAM). Engage in activities that will give you a flavour of the type of skills and hi-tech technology required by modern industry.

Equine Studies (a*)

If you are interested in working with horses come and spend some time on the College’s Equine Yard, comprising indoor arena, outdoor ménage, two stable blocks and a wide range of horses. You will have the opportunity to spend some time on our commercially run yard and learn some valuable stable management skills.


Come and experience a taste of the fashion industry. This taster will explore everything from design and marketing through to buying and retail display.

Fisheries Management (a*)

Do you enjoy fishing? Come and experience a hands-on insight into the work of a fishery manager and have a go at some of the activities carried out on a commercial fishery. Learn more about the fisheries industry and the range of careers available in this sector.

Floristry (*)

If you are creative and want to try something new, why not try floristry? Throughout the day you will get an understanding of what the industry has to offer by taking part in a practical session in which you will create your own floral designs.

Food Technology

Are you interested in an exciting career in the food industry? Ever wondered how food products are designed, made and tested? Why not learn more about this exciting & innovative industry during a taster session.

Forensic Science

Experience an insight into various forensic techniques. You may experiment with some real CSI procedures. Find out why real life Forensic Science is even better than the TV programmes!

Hairdressing (c)

If you enjoy working with hair, this taster will give you the opportunity to explore and experience the practical and theoretical aspects of hairdressing. Work alongside our professional therapists and gain hands-on experience in our industry standard salon environment.

Health, Care & Education Studies

Are you thinking of working in a caring profession? This could be early years, health, disability or elderly care and lead to careers such as teaching, nursery nursing, nursing, social work and care assistant. Come and participate in fun-based activities which will teach you a new skill and help you discover what it could be like to work in the industry. You will have a chance to find out about our outstanding facilities and Childcare Centre.

Horticulture (a*)

The horticulture industry will be employing thousands of new recruits in the next few years. This is great news for anyone looking for a career full of variety; from caring for historic landscapes, designing gardens such as the Olympic park, growing food for restaurants and producing specimen plants. Find out more in this practical taster session.

Media Make-up

In this session you will learn how theatrical make-up is used within the industry. You will have the opportunity to create scars and bruises using scar wax and latex to construct a realistic casualty simulation. You will be taught by one of our media make-up team who will give you course information and careers guidance for progressing into this exciting industry.

Media Production

Let us introduce you to the production process, from the initial idea to the finished product and the variety of technologies used to create the vision as part of a team. Work alongside industry professionals in our excellent facilities.

Music (d)

Do you like the idea of producing a mini-gig? You will explore a variety of rock songs, look at rehearsal techniques and analyse your own performance. Please bring an instrument with you (apart from drums and keyboards), obviously if you’re a singer, your voice is your instrument.

Music Technology

This course is perfect for anyone interested in computer based music production, sound recording and audio editing. Have a go and work within our professional-standard recording studios.

Performing Arts (e)

Love being centre stage? Enjoy performing? This taster will give you the chance to gain practical experience of dance, drama and singing courses. Bring lots of energy and enthusiasm with you!

Production Arts (b)

Look at the technical support and backstage elements of live performances. This taster will look at areas including lighting, live sound, scenic construction and stage management. This is perfect for anyone thinking of working in the production industry or wanting to support live performances.

Public Services (f*)

This taster session will include a practical input on team leadership and encourage you to problem solve. Working in small groups you will look at the aspects needed in the Public and Emergency Services.

Sport Science/Sport Coaching/Fitness Instructing/Coaching Football (f)

Are you interested in a career in sport, physical education, the health and fitness industry or as a football coach? This taster session will include both theoretical and practical input on all aspects of sport including coaching and fitness and will allow you to use our excellent facilities.

Sports Turf Management (a*)

Do you have an interest in sport? Let us introduce you to the highly specialist world of creating and maintaining sports facilities, from golf courses to football pitches. Experience a hands-on practical taster looking after sports surfaces using our specialist green-keeping machinery.

Travel and Tourism

Find out what working in this rapidly growing industry is all about. Discover the range of career opportunities available to you throughout a variety of industries and gain an insight into some of the exciting activities related to the travel, tourism and hospitality industries.

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