Student Accommodation Views

We value students’ opinions on accommodation, we asked our students what they thought and this is what they said…

Horse management Student Scarlett Cooksley

Scarlett Cooksley

As a Lodge Leader, I get to help people move in and assist when any issues or problems arise. It’s been really rewarding to help other students out. It’s a really social environment, but at the same time people are mature enough to give you space if you need it. I feel like everybody here is one big family, the atmosphere is really relaxed and welcoming. Being so close to where I study is also a bonus as I don’t have to get up so early which gives me more time to study and do my own thing.”

Favourite part of living in student accommodation: Living with friends and the social activities that go with it.

Animal Care Student Jordan Gutteridge

Jordan Gutteridge

The accommodation is brilliant, it’s new, quiet and the rooms are spacious. The facilities that the College offers are great, especially the catering. There is a real sense of community which is helped by having communal space with pool tables and sofas. I am glad to have it available to me, along with the trips. Everything is really close to hand; you have everything you need here.”

Favourite part of living in student accommodation: Making new friends.

Agriculture Student Billie Keyworth

Billie Keyworth

Living on site means that I’m close to campus and my lessons which is great, especially when I’m on a 4am early shift! It’s really easy to make new friends and everybody gets along well.”

Favourite part of living in student accommodation: The evening trips I can take with my friends.

Arboriculture Student Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon

I like the responsibility that comes with living in the over 18’s accommodation. You have fewer restrictions which gives you the opportunity to show your maturity. The common areas allow all students, from whichever course to cross over and mix which is really unique as you get to meet people who you wouldn’t normally see.”

Favourite part of living in student accommodation: Having independence.

Animal Care Student Sophie Smith

Sophie Smith

The accommodation is well equipped; you get everything you need to live away from home. The bedrooms and bathrooms are also a decent size, which makes it feel like home. Everybody in student accommodation gets on well and it helps there are loads of social activities to get involved in as well, which are great value for money, my favourite activity was definitely bowling! It really helps being close to where you study as you get more time to do the things you want to do.”

Favourite part of living in student accommodation: I like the experience of living with friends and the social life that comes with it.

Arboriculture Student Marcus Downs

Marcus Downs

Meeting new people has been a highlight for me, everybody is like family now and I’ve met so many new people. The size of the rooms are perfect and I am always using the common rooms. The social trips allow people from all courses and accommodation to mix, Go Karting was particularly good, as it brought out everybody’s competitive side! ”

Favourite part of living in student accommodation: I enjoy having the freedom, compared to living at home. You learn how to do new things which gets you closer to independence.