The Prevent Duty

Bridgwater College meets the requirements of the Prevent Duty and therefore seeks to safeguard students and staff from becoming radicalised or attracted to extreme or terrorist causes, and to keep them both safe and within the law.

The Prevent Duty is not about preventing students from having political and religious views and concerns but about supporting them to use those concerns or act on them in non-extremist ways.

Prevent is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy: CONTEST

Staff and students are trained to look for the signs of possible radicalisation but also to ensure there is freedom of expression in the College.

If there are concerns about radicalisation, students are encouraged to talk to their Tutor, Senior Tutor or to Mark Nettle, Director of Student Services, ‘Single Point of Contact’ for Prevent,, 01278 441247. Members of the public should also contact Mark if there are concerns about College students, prospective students or staff becoming radicalised.