Information for parents

We feel that a close partnership between home and College goes a long way towards ensuring that students make the most of their talents.

With this in mind, we hope that the following information will help guide you and your son or daughter through the transition from school to College.

Further information

Making choices

There are a number of steps along the way to help your son or daughter make the right decision when it comes to their College choices. Our Applying to College pages will help guide you through this process and ensure you are aware of all of the opportunities available to you and your son or daughter.

Support at College

At Bridgwater College we believe Student Support is essential to a successful learning experience. Our Student Support pages will guide you through the variety of support services on offer. It is important that your son or daughter discusses any support needs at their interview to ensure that they get the support they require during their time at the College.


At Bridgwater College, there is a strong work ethic and we have very high expectations of our students. To help them prepare for adulthood or their transition in to employment or higher education, we work to develop self-reliance and self-discipline. We also help them learn the value of positive and analytical thinking to overcome problems and develop the self-esteem needed in the next stage of their lives/career.


Unlike school, where attendance is recorded twice a day, we record attendance for every timetabled session, up to a maximum of five times a day! In our experience poor attendance leads to poor achievement which is why we take unreported attendance very seriously. If your son or daughter is absent without prior notification you will be informed immediately. We expect students to study a minimum of 30 hours per week.


Coursework and home study are all part of College life. The self-discipline that students develop while at College will support them when moving on to higher education or in their future career. You will receive a copy of your son or daughter’s timetable, along with information about deadlines for assignments. We ask that you help encourage your son or daughter to keep to deadlines, so that they do not become overloaded with a backlog of work.

Part-time jobs

It is helpful if parents make sure that an appropriate balance is kept between College work and part-time jobs. In the majority of cases we do not see any conflict between College study and outside work, but recommend no more than 12 hours a week is undertaken.

The experience your son or daughter receives from having a part-time job is extremely beneficial as it assists in developing their confidence and independence, giving them experience of working with people outside education and generally widening their horizons. It is vital that part-time work does not interfere with study and we ask for your support in making sure that part-time commitments do not become too great.


As part of a large community, students are expected to behave with due care, concern and respect for others and the property of others. Bridgwater College operates a policy of zero tolerance in relation to drugs, alcohol, solvents, harassment, bullying and discrimination.

The College community is very diverse; we have students who are studying full-time or part-time courses and from different backgrounds; international; different races, religions and cultures; overcoming disabilities; adult returners.

All our students are unique and equally important; they will each be supported according to their needs.


After the first few weeks of term you will receive a letter from us notifying you of your son or daughter’s agreed targets and to advise if they are on the right programme. If the choice your son or daughter has made does not fit their expectations or capabilities, you have the opportunity to speak with their tutor and discuss alternatives.


Progress is monitored against achievement in a two-way review held each term. It allows your son or daughter’s tutor to assess their progress and address any concerns that either they (or other) tutors may have. Strengths and weaknesses are identified and an action plan is drawn up to help them achieve the highest standards.

You will be sent a copy of the two-way review to ensure that you are kept in the loop of your son or daughter’s progress. Be assured that if we have any concerns you will be contacted outside of the two-way review process. If at any stage you have any concerns please feel free to contact us.

We look forward to meeting you!