Higher Education Review

Higher Education Review (HER) was launched in 2013–14 as the review method for all QAA subscribers in England and Northern Ireland, as well as for providers with access to funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) who are not subscribers to QAA.

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The overall aim of Higher Education Review is to inform students and the wider public whether a provider meets the expectations of the higher education sector for:

  • The setting and/or maintenance of academic standards
  • The provision of learning opportunities
  • The provision of information
  • The enhancement of the quality of students' learning opportunities

Higher Education Review is a flexible, risk-based method which applies the greatest scrutiny where it is most needed. Providers with a strong track record in managing quality and standards are reviewed less frequently and less intensively than providers without such a strong record. It is carried out by peer reviewers — staff and students from other providers — and culminates in the publication of a report containing judgments and other findings.

Students are at the heart of Higher Education review: they are full members of QAA's peer review teams, and there are also opportunities for students to take part in the review by contributing a student submission, meeting the review team, and working with their providers in response to review outcomes.

Details of all engagements with the QAA can be found on their website and are summarised below.

May 2014 Higher Education Review

Good practice

The QAA review team identified the following features of good practice at Bridgwater & Taunton College.

  • The integrated approach to transition from entry to higher education, through to further study and employment
  • The embedding of employability into the curriculum
  • The extensive engagement with employers, including work-based learning
  • The clear and comprehensive information available to prospective students on employment opportunities relevant to their programmes

Judgements about standards and quality

  • The maintenance of the threshold academic standards of awards offered on behalf of degree-awarding bodies and/or other awarding organisations meets UK expectations
  • The quality of student learning opportunities at the provider meets UK expectations
  • The quality of the information produced by the provider about its provision meets UK expectations
  • The enhancement of student learning opportunities at the provider meets UK expectations

Information about the Higher Education Review and QAA

Full information about the HER review method, approach, purpose and roles of the QAA, the College and students is available from the QAA’s website.

Key Reference Points

The key reference point used in the Higher Education Review method is the UK Quality Code for Higher Education, which can be found in the HER section on assuring standards and quality.

Download the Bridgwater College Higher Education Review Action Plan

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