Bridgwater College Trust

The Bridgwater College Trust is a multi-academy trust through which the College sponsors four academies.

The Trust currently contains:


  • Andy Berry
  • Louise Rowley
  • Derek Randall


  • Andy Berry (Chair)
  • Heather Strawbridge
  • Denys Rayner
  • David Hannay
  • Carole Chevalley
  • Jenny Ashworth
  • Sid Gibson
  • Elaine Dew
  • Mark Swallow
  • Moya Hill
  • Peter Elliott (CEO)

Learn more about our Trust Academies on our dedicated website:


To create and develop a group of outstanding, thriving and diverse academies which raise the aspirations, achievement and potential of young people in our community by working together in partnership to provide the highest standards of education.


To inspire the young people of our community to achieve success and the best possible outcomes by providing education based upon outstanding teaching and learning, highly supportive environments and the celebration of diversity.

Strategic Aims 2015 — 2018

  1. To focus on continual school improvement through partnership and collaboration at every level, and the sharing of practice and services
  2. To ensure governance of the Trust provides the support and challenge that enables academies to be autonomous, diverse and highly successful
  3. To ensure the long term financial health of the Trust

Further Information

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