Equality & Diversity

Bridgwater & Taunton College is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity. The College values and celebrates the diversity in its student cohort and workforce and believes the College will benefit from both employing people from all equality groups at all levels of responsibility, and working with students from all equality groups at all curriculum levels, over all areas of college activity.

The Equality & Diversity Policy is in place to demonstrate our commitment to equality of opportunity for all those working and studying at our college. This policy applies to staff, students, customers and suppliers. It applies to anyone who uses the College at any point in time. All users are to be treated equally, with dignity and respect and without being subjected to discrimination.

The Bridgwater Equality & Diversity Annual Report summarises the key actions that the College has taken towards the achievement of Equality during the previous academic year and is available for download with our other documents below.