Effective & fair staff policies

The College has a number of policies designed to ensure that all staff are treated fairly and equitably, and it also offers relatively generous terms and conditions of employment, which have been agreed in consultation with trade unions.

The College recognises two unions, UCU for teaching staff and UNISON for support staff, and it has an open, co-operative and positive relationship with both.

Equality and diversity

The College is committed to the promotion of equality and diversity and is dedicated to the elimination of discriminatory practices. We base all employment decisions on bias-free, objective criteria of knowledge, skills and experience and are not influenced by assumptions or pre-conceptions relating to an employee's age, disability, race, gender, ethnicity, marital status, sexual origin or religion or belief. We have been awarded the 'Positive about Disabled People' kitemark for the work we do to support job applicants and staff fulfil their roles. We have a Disability Lead Officer to support staff with any reasonable adjustments or workplace support equipment.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of employment are contained within each job description and further details are incorporated in the staff handbook and contract of employment. We normally employ full-time staff on either a 37 or 39 hour week, according to category of employment. Programme managers and lecturers have a standard average teaching load of 22 class contact hours per week and work a total of 43 weeks in a year, with three of these weeks being available for continuing professional development during the summer period. We also have many part-time opportunities in teaching and support roles.

Pension Scheme

The College offers membership of the Teachers' Pension Scheme for teaching staff and the Local Government Pension Scheme for support staff. Staff can, however, make alternative arrangements via a personal pension plan. The College underwrites both schemes and makes a very significant contribution to pension benefits. The Pension Schemes also offer generous death in service (life assurance) benefits.

Family friendly policies

The College recognises the need for effective policies to support staff with family commitments outside work and currently offers the following:

  • Maternity leave: currently 39 weeks of paid leave plus up to a further 13 weeks of unpaid leave (subject to qualifying service and earnings)
  • Paternity leave: Two weeks of leave (subject to qualifying service) 
  • Parental leave: 13 weeks of unpaid leave per child (subject to one year's qualifying service)
  • Dependants' leave: unpaid leave according to circumstances
  • Adoption leave: currently 39 weeks of paid leave plus up to a further 13 weeks of unpaid leave (subject to qualifying service and earnings) 
  • Compassionate leave: up to five days of paid leave in 12 month period
  • Leave for medical/dental appointments/fertility treatment: reasonable time off.