Learner Support

Support is available on a one-to-one basis, in small groups or through the English and Maths Workshops at the Bridgwater, Taunton, Cannington and Yeovil Centres. To find out more call 01278 441316 or email learning.support@bridgwater.ac.uk.

Tutorial Support

All full-time students are appointed a personal tutor who provides support through individual and group sessions. Tutors form a close relationship with students ensuring they are matched with the most appropriate course, are motivated, supported and become independent learners. In addition to teaching on the student's course the tutor liaises with parents, writes reports and refers the student to other experts within the College. This essential partnership also ensures the smooth transition from school to College and from College to university or work.

Tutorial support for adults who are studying courses in excess of 48 hours mirrors the same close relationship, but includes regular written reports which ensure that progress is reviewed and developed.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are included in full time programmes of study and are a mandatory part of Diploma programmes. There are three functional skills, English, Maths & ICT. Functional skills underpin all learning and demonstrate a student's skills and ability in applying these skills.

Additional Learning Support

A dedicated team works across the College to support and advise students with additional needs. Students with physical disabilities, specific learning difficulties, emotional difficulties, medical problems or mental health difficulties have access to a range of support mechanisms. The support varies and is tailored to individual needs including classroom support, communicators for deaf and hearing impaired students, a range of resources, one-to-one support, group support, dyslexia assessments and access to exam arrangements.

For further information please contact Learner Services on 01278 441242.

Physical Access

Most areas of Bridgwater College are accessible to all students. Corridors are wide and classes are generally timetabled within one building to minimise the need for travel and the risk of getting wet. The majority of buildings feature automatic doors and lifts and there are reserved drop-off and parking bays across the Bridgwater centre. Internal fire doors are held open magnetically and there are fire refuge areas for those who cannot manage staircases. The Restaurant has flexible seating to allow for wheelchair users.

Our centres at Cannington and Yeovil are unable to provide the same level of accessibility as the Bridgwater & Taunton centres at present, but the College has plans to maximise accessibility at these sites, and we will make every effort to ensure that students with disabilities are not disadvantaged.