Common Rooms

There are common rooms at each of our sites for students to relax in during their breaks and free time. At the Bridgwater Centre, the common room is a large open plan area known as The Hub and is a popular meeting place for students.

The Student Union is based in The Hub and organises clubs, societies and parties, and is always on hand for anything you might want to discuss with them.

At the Cannington Centre, the common room provides comfortable seating, pool and tennis tables, refreshments bar and much more. The Student Liaison Team at Cannington makes sure there are plenty of activities, entertainments and events for day and residential students. A typical week might include a disco, inter-lodge sports match, quiz night, karaoke competition and a film night. Cannington Centre students can also participate in all of the Student Union events organised on the Bridgwater campus.

At Yeovil, there is a similar but smaller space for students to relax, and staff work hard to make sure there are a range of activities and events for students to get involved in.