Being an Ambassador will provide you with the opportunity to develop skills and gain experience that will look great on your UCAS form and curriculum vitae (CV) and will also impress employers.

As a Bridgwater & Taunton College Ambassador you will be expected to act as a role model to other College students, visitors and prospective students. You will be required to help new students feel at ease and settle in quickly, direct and escort visitors around the College and discuss your experiences and transition to College with them.

These activities will enhance your educational experience, develop effective communication skills, confidence and self-esteem and will provide you will an excellent experience for your future career and education opportunities.

Would you like to be a Bridgwater & Taunton College Ambassador?

As an Ambassador you will be expected to support various projects across the College and carry out a minimum of approximately 27 voluntary hours, both during and outside of College hours. The tasks listed below give you an idea of the sort of activities you could get involved in:

  • Help at College events; open evenings, taster days, parents evenings and others
  • Respond to requests from Tutors, e.g. helping with College tours, treasure hunts, late starters and other activities
  • Provide peer mentoring to support any student who is challenged by any area of college life
  • Help students find the right bus for their journey
  • Escort students to appropriate rooms, if lost or unable to find their way
  • Return to your previous school (supported by a member of staff) and support pupils with their transition to college, helping to ease any anxieties they may have
  • Support your peers with their English and Maths GCSEs
  • Be part of the Ambassador Committee or Sub Committees
  • Achieve a qualification in mentoring
  • Attend regular Ambassador meetings
  • Promote and recruit new Ambassadors to the team
  • Participate in social activities to enhance team spirit and build a community that others would like to be a part of
  • Host students from other countries e.g. USA

If you have any questions or would like to show your interest in becoming a Bridgwater & Taunton College Ambassadors, please contact a member of Marketing on 01278 441216, email or alternatively pop into the marketing office at the Bridgwater Centre, room D3.