HE Student Charter

We are committed to providing our students with a Higher Education experience that benefits their learning and development as individuals and this is encapsulated within our mission statement:

We will inspire the people of the local, national and international communities we serve to achieve success by providing:

  • The best possible opportunities for learning and skills development
  • A creative and exciting partnership with our staff
  • A welcoming, safe and supportive environment

This Charter sets out to explain how you can be a successful student, what we aim to provide and what we would expect of you to help you achieve your Higher Education qualification. We view education as a partnership where we work together with you, to achieve the best possible results and outcomes.

This charter is also available as a PDF download.

We pride ourselves on providing a supportive environment and hope you will play an active role in your time here as a Higher Education student. We will always aim to treat you in a courteous, respectful and professional manner and we would expect you, as a student and therefore a representative of the College, to behave in a similar manner towards staff, visitors, fellow students and others in the wider community.

In developing this Charter we have consulted with Higher Education student representatives to ensure that the information it contains is accurate and realistic. We have also aligned it closely to the QAA UK Quality Code for Higher Education which highlights the responsibilities of Higher Education providers to their students.

We wish you every success in your higher education studies and are confident the education and experience you receive here at Bridgwater College will benefit you in years to come.

Equality & Diversity

The College values and celebrates the diversity in both its student cohort and workforce. We believe the College benefits from both students and staff representing the nine protected characteristics of equality across all areas of College activity. Read more on Equality & Diversity.

Student Voice

The student voice is central to the development, improvement and enhancement of our Higher Education provision. The feedback students provide allows us to hear the student voice and encourage student participation in the development of the higher education we offer. We gain this feedback in a number of ways.

Student Representation

Each course will elect a Student Representative who will represent their cohort and express the views of both their peers and themselves in relation to how courses operate. Students have the opportunity to represent their programme in regular meetings with members of our Senior Management Team and staff involved in the delivery and promotion of higher education at the College. Student Representatives will collect and voice the opinion of the students and work with those staff who are in a position to implement changes where possible. From 2013/14 a Lead Student Representative will be appointed to help actively support the further development of our approaches to student engagement.


We will ask you to complete relevant surveys including The National Student Survey (NSS), Bridgwater College’s HE Student Survey and surveys from the university to which you are affiliated (if applicable). From the comments you provide we will do everything we can to enhance the higher education provision and support services we offer to students and will inform you of such improvements once they have been implemented.

Individual feedback

We welcome your feedback at any time during your studies. You can do this in a variety of ways; contact your course Programme Manager, speak with a Student Representative or email us at HE@bridgwater.ac.uk.

We will inform you of the impact your feedback has on the College through your Student Representative, the HE Bulletin, direct communication to you or via notes and plans from relevant meetings. These will be published on our HE Information site within the College’s VLE (Blackboard) which you can access at any time.

Your Experience

You can expect Bridgwater College to offer a high quality, inclusive learning experience by aiming to:

Teaching, Learning & Assessment

  • Encourage and develop academic and personal education via teaching, learning and assessment activities, allowing you to explore your chosen subject in ways appropriate to your learning aims
  • Provide an induction programme, informing you of your rights and responsibilities and the demands of the course and the support you can access
  • Administer assessment systems that comply with partner university/awarding body requirements
  • Provide you with access, upon request, to the External Examiner report(s) for your programme
  • Have all formally assessed work marked and returned to you within the agreed timeframeImplement and use procedures recognising and addressing poor punctuality, attendance and performance

Personal and Professional Development

  • Provide advice and guidance on academic standards and the requirements of your programme of study to support your academic development
  • Provide impartial advice and guidance enabling you to identify the course/programme or employment position you wish to progress to on completion of your studies
  • Provide information and support for pastoral matters

Resources & Facilities

  • Make accessible and provide a wide range of learning resources and facilities in relation to your chosen programme of study
  • Make available support to ensure that you can take full advantage of the resources on offer.

Our staff

  • Provide enthusiastic academic staff who have expertise in teaching within their disciplines and who are actively supported to develop and deliver high quality teaching and learning
  • Ensure all business support staff are knowledgeable, approachable and are able to provide assistance as needed


  • Review all comments and complaints seriously and respond to them appropriately and in accordance with the applicable procedures
  • Listen and allow you the opportunity to have a say in how your experience could be enhanced
  • Communicate with you regularly, either directly or indirectly, through Student Representatives, in relation to topics which may affect your experience

Legal Matters

  • Ensure your personal information is held securely within Data Protection Act 1998 legislation
  • Ensure appropriate Health and Safety policies and procedures are in place and that they are adhered to
  • Provide appropriate and accurate information in relation to partner university/awarding body regulations for compliance purposes

Additional Support

  • Identify any individual learning needs and have these accurately diagnosed (subject to funding) and provide effective and appropriate support if required once approved by the Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)
  • Signpost you to qualifications available in English and Maths and English for Speakers of Other Languages to help support your studies if required

Expectations of Students

Personal & Academic Conduct

  • Pursue your academic studies in a hardworking and responsible manner, taking the initiative to develop the skills needed to become a successful and independent higher education learner
  • Attend all taught sessions and inform us if you are unable to attend for any reason
  • Submit all assessed work by the set deadlines and advise us if you are unable to meet these using the procedures for mitigating/extenuating circumstances, as appropriate
  • Make use of feedback provided on your assessed work to make the best of your learning experience
  • Treat your fellow students, staff and members of the community with the same level of respect as you expect to receive from others


  • Communicate with us regularly, providing balanced and timely feedback about your higher education experience
  • Let us know if you have any problems. We can only help solve or support you if we are aware of issues present
  • Participate actively and honestly in surveys about your experience as a higher education student


  • Familiarise yourself with the requirements and regulations of your course, particularly those including policies for submission of assessed work and the regulations regarding academic conduct and plagiarism
  • Regularly access College email to ensure you stay up-to-date with notices and information relevant to you


  • Ensure you make arrangements for the full payment of your fees and that the College and/or university partner is fully aware of these arrangements by the deadlines specified
  • Provide information to the College at the earliest opportunity if there is an issue that may impact upon your studies and seek advice where appropriate from relevant support services
  • Abide by regulations for the use of technology, equipment and facilitiesUpdate us of any changes in personal information or circumstances to ensure our records are accurate

Policies, Procedures & Regulations

The following policies, procedures and regulations set by the College are available for access by HE students on the College’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), Blackboard:

  • Academic Appeals Procedure
  • Complaints Procedure and form
  • Data Protection Policy
  • E-Safety Policy
  • Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Health and Safety Policy Statement
  • HE HandbookStudent Disciplinary Guidelines

Living Up To Expectations?

If you would like to provide feedback on how you believe we are living up to your expectations of the higher education experience we provide, please do so by emailing us at HE@bridgwater.ac.uk.