Additional Individual & Specialist Learning Support

The high standards of cross-college provision are echoed in the exceptional levels of support offered to all learners requiring additional learning support. All learners are assessed as individuals and involvement in transition planning enables the College to ensure that all support needed is available from the outset.

We can offer:

The Foundation Studies section provides a progressive and diverse curriculum that delivers individual learning programmes to enable learners with barriers learning to progress on to employment, independence and higher levels of education.

Whilst qualifications form an important part of each learning pathway, a key feature of the curriculum is a relentless focus on supporting learners to embrace opportunities within the world of work and independent life at a level that is appropriate to them.

“The pastoral care I have seen afforded to my son is second to none. I am filled with confidence that because of his time on this course, building his confidence and self-esteem, he now has a future and career possibilities, where before there seemed none.”
— Parent

The success of the programme is based on a highly effective multi agency approach. All relationships are supported by a well-defined partnership with parents and carers.

Where appropriate learners within the section have the opportunity to volunteer or undertake work placements, not only to develop their employability skills, but also to play an active role with their community at a local and county level.

Success Rates & Outcomes

Our learners with Additional Learning Support needs achieve equal success to all other learners and importantly all learners are supported to reach their individual goal and destination.

In collaboration with Jump Cuts our Foundation Studies learners created the film RIP which was put forward for the Oscar Bright awards. It demonstrates the breath of curriculum and how learners are encouraged to work with outside agencies to broaden their learning environment.