Foundation Studies Learning Support Assistant Team

Learning Support Assistants (LSAs) can support students one to one to encourage lesson participation, either through verbal encouragement, hand-over-hand techniques or Somerset Total Communication, for speech and language therapy services. Staff can also support students with personal care and medical needs, where appropriate. LSAs build strong relationships with the students, acting as a key worker, and liaising with care givers regularly to ensure they continually meet the students’ needs.

Our Choices for Independence programme is for young people leaving a specialist residential or specialist school environment which is aimed at meeting the needs of students with profound and/or complex needs.

We also offer a Personal Progression programme for young people leaving a specialist residential, special or mainstream school environment, with a range of learning abilities. LSAs support the students either one to one or as a group and encourage social and independent skills. This programme is quite often used as part of the transition process, where students can build their confidence and skills relating to work and College life.

The Learning for Living programme is for young people leaving a specialist residential, special or mainstream school environment, or progressing from a Foundation Studies course. This aims to equip the students with the skills to achieve independent living, including supporting them in a kitchen environment, out in the community and working with outside organisations.

Entry to Land-based studies is aimed at students who are interested in anything Land-based, from Horticulture to Animal Care. This programme is very hands-on and support is given to prepare the students for further courses or the workplace.

Steps into Employment and Further Education is for 16–19 year olds at Entry Level, who are undecided about future progress and want to explore their options before moving on to vocational training, or applying for work. The LSAs will support the students to improve their function, social, emotional and behavioural skills.

The Level 1 in Hospitality and Catering in General Cookery allows students to have access to professional staff, modern well-equipped kitchens, a Bistro-style restaurant and specialist teaching rooms, which provides an ideal training programme for the industry. The LSAs support students on the theory aspect of this course as well as functional skills and appropriate behaviour for the workplace.