Luke Buckingham Sports Scholarship

In order to pay tribute to and celebrate Luke Buckingham’s huge contribution to the sports provision at Bridgwater College (now Bridgwater & Taunton College), we have launched the Luke Buckingham Sports Scholarship for students who are making outstanding progress in their sport. 

The premise of the scholarship is to continue the virtues and beliefs Luke embedded through Team BC (now Team BTC) and also support the core values he characterised through his coaching, volunteering and participation in sport. The Luke Buckingham Sports Scholarship would therefore support and encourage students within their chosen fields whether that be playing high level sport, coaching, officiating or volunteering within the community.

Those eligible to apply for the scholarship will have to meet 3 out of 5 of the following criteria:

  • Evidence of regular & sustained coaching or officiating or volunteering in the community
  • Evidence of mentoring and how you have supported others in a sports club or community setting
  • Developed an initiative that has supported your school or college or club or local community in a sporting context or has linked to raising funds for charity
  • Continued progression and development within your sport
  • Evidence of continued excellence and/or high achievement within your sport

If you are a Year 11 and would like to apply for the Luke Buckingham Sports Scholarship for September 2018, please email Sam Reilly at for further details on how to apply.