The College currently offers Sports, Performing Arts and Academic Scholarships to students aged 16 – 19. Students who meet the criteria for scholarships relevant to their course or interests are invited to apply for the scholarship programme of their choice.

Academic Scholarship

This is an exciting opportunity, aimed at high achieving young people wanting to progress to high ranking universities, conservatoires or medical schools and is only available to those applying to Bridgwater & Taunton College as a new student.

Performing Arts Scholarship

Performing Arts scholarships are valued up to a maximum of £200 and are used to subsidise costs related to your study and ambition – for example additional books or resources, or costs of visits to Universities. Scholarships are only available to students of Bridgwater & Taunton College who are under 19 on August 31 on their year of enrolment.

Sports Scholarship

Sport scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated their ability to perform at a high level within their sport. Scholarships are not limited to our Team BC Performance programmes and we welcome applications from a range of athletes with proven talent or potential. The scholarships are valued up to a maximum of £1000 and are used to subsidise Team BC Performance fees, courses fees, transport costs and additional fees related to playing or training.

Luke Buckingham Sports Scholarship

In order to pay tribute to and celebrate Luke Buckingham’s huge contribution to the whole sports provision at Bridgwater College (now Bridgwater & Taunton College), it has been agreed to offer the Luke Buckingham Sports Scholarship. The premise of the scholarship is to continue the virtues and beliefs Luke embedded through Team BC (now Team BTC) and also support the core values he characterised through his coaching, volunteering and participation in sport. The Luke Buckingham Scholarship would therefore support and encourage students within their chosen fields whether that be playing high level sport, coaching, officiating or volunteering within the community.